Don’t Be Left with Arrows in Your Back

    Critics of visionaries and entrepreneurs often quote an old saying, “Pioneer, disappear.” Others say “You can tell who the pioneers are. They are the ones with the arrows in their back.” Bringing a new product or service to market is not easy, especially if you have to educate the public alone. If you have billions in investment capital[...]

    Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Us All

    What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and how will it affect us? If one would check Wikipedia, A.I. is defined as “Intelligence demonstrated by machine”…adding, “The ability to learn and to problem solve.” So what will that effect be on us, ‘humans’ and how we do our jobs? There is much talk about Artificial Intelligence[...]

    Are You the Largest Lender to Your Customer?

    Quick – who is the largest lender to businesses in the country? If your answer is: Bank ofAmerica, CitiBank, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, or one of the other multi-national banks, you would be wrong. What about Hedge Funds? SBA? Goldman Sacks? Nope! Actually, the largest lenders to businesses are the companies themselves that extend credit[...]



    Come in From the Cold

    Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I bought a house with a tranquil turtle pond. Over time, we added to that pond. We collected a vast variety of turtles of different sizes, types, and species. We loved sitting at the water’s edge sipping our wine, watching the turtles swim carefree. Little did we know, nor[...]

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