Are Salespeople Obsolete?

    As long as there has been commerce, salespeople have been the engine of every business both big and small. From Phoenicians to Bedouins, if you had a product or service, you had sales people in your organization. When cars first hit the roads, it was a sales person who talked you into the brand, options[...]

    Who Needs A Loan Anyway?

    At some point in time, every business will head to a bank and apply for a loan. The motivation for borrowing will be different for each business. The need could be for capital in order to expand, the need for cash flow to support sales, or maybe liquidity to get through some hard times. Your[...]

    The Disappearing Loan

    Fair Isaac, the company that created the FICO score, was founded by William Fair and Earl Isaac in 1956 at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park. Little did anyone know that one day your FICO score would determine what you buy, where you live, what you drive and possibly what job you have. It[...]

    Money is Money

    If you are in the lending business, you will find that the field has gotten very crowded over the last decade. With interest rates low and the stock market high, investors have been looking in vain for new places to put their money to get higher yields. Couple that with the new crop of FinTech’s[...]



    Evolution of the Credit Card

    It has been sixty years since Diners Club and American Express issued the first credit cards. It wasn’t until 1958 that Bank of America issued the Bank Americard that credit cards became accepted by the public and merchants alike. The success of the Bank Americard propelled American Express to new heights and forced several California[...]

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