NACHA Taps AeroPay Express As B2B Payments Partner

    NACHA has tapped AeroPay Express as its newest Preferred Partner for B2B ElectronicPayment Enablement, the organization said Thursday (Sept. 13). As a Preferred Partner, AeroPay Express is part of a larger group that supports NACHA’s efforts to promote payments innovation. The group is focused on addressing issues like payments friction and access to cash flow,[...]

    PACA Trust Cuts Lending Options

    PACA the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act was established in 1930. The act was established to protect growers when they sold their goods off the farms. Before PACA there was much abuse and unfair trading practices when dealing with farmers. PACA was established to end these abuses and assure that farmers and their brokers get paid[...]

    What is AeroPay Express?

    AeroPay Express is a network made up of financial institutions that offer AeroPay Express Virtual credit cards. Like the early credit card days, where multiple networks could confuse the market and eventually be rejected by buyers and sellers. AeroPay Express is positioning to be the recognized brand for Early Paying Vendors. Without a strong united[...]

    Are You A Dinosaur?

    Are you a dinosaur? If you are a finance company that relies on accounts receivable financing as your primary source of revenue, you might very well be a dinosaur on the verge of extinction. Oh, it might still be comfortable for you to roam the countryside finding a few leaves to fill your belly, but[...]



    Getting a Business Line of Credit is Painful….Until Now

    If you have ever applied for or received a line of credit from a bank or finance company, you know the process can be long, detailed and downright painful. It starts with being grilled about your business, your credit is scrutinized, and your collateral analyzed. Bankers smile and joke with you while asking for a[...]

Move All Your Vendors to Electronic Payments.

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